Professional Development

Ursuline’s faculty and staff go above and beyond to master their craft.

Working in a variety of collaborative learning groups, teachers explore different approaches to assessment and strategies for empowering students to succeed. In peer-led research groups, faculty members share teaching strategies for authentic engagement and multicultural classrooms.

The Academy's professional learning framework encourages teachers to grow in six key areas:

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Values Growth

Ursuline educators are learners who model openness, humility, excitement, and curiosity to students, colleagues, and the broader community. An excellent educator at Ursuline:

  • Contributes to the profession of teaching and collaborates in school-wide and extended learning communities.
  • Embraces and integrates current, research-based innovations and their applications in education.

And more.

“…And to seek and desire all the ways and means necessary to persevere and make progress to the very end. For it is not enough to begin, if one does not also persevere.” - St. Angela's Rule Prologue

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