Excellence in Teaching

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Engaging the entire Ursuline community, the faculty-led Excellence in Teaching initiative has examined the core skills, knowledge, and habits of mind and heart of effective teaching to produce a definition of teaching excellence for Ursuline Academy of Dallas. In its preparation, that definition has also considered the core values of Ursuline education and the writings of St. Angela Merici. The resulting Pillars of Teaching Excellence offers a foundation for all Ursuline initiatives, including the development of a professional learning framework for faculty.

Five Pillars of Teaching Excellence at Ursuline

Constituting the values and beliefs about excellence in teaching specifically for Ursuline, these pillars are the foundation on which the Academy's professional learning framework is built.

The Exceptional Years of Service wall outside of Haggerty Library features Ursuline faculty and staff members who have been employed by The Academy for over 20 years. Below, you can find their featurettes.

Exceptional Years of Service: A Series

Toward the end of Bill Thompson's undergrad studies, his passion for prints was born! A Printmaking class inspired his path and he took another year to build a portfolio for grad school.

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