Sample Four-Year Course Plans

Ursuline Academy Graduation Requirements and Sample Four-Year Course Plans

The sample four-year plans below reflect general practices. Ursuline recommends families review the requirements of colleges to which their daughters may apply.

*Wellness (0.5), Intro to Computer Science (0.5), Government (0.5), Economics (0.5), Sacraments (0.5), Living as a Disciple (0.5) in addition to some visual/performing arts classes are offered during Summer School to free up scheduling opportunities.  Please check the 2022-2023 Course Compendium for a complete list of Summer School offerings.

**Students are required to complete three consecutive years of math beginning in their freshman year.

***Students are required to complete three consecutive years of science in the order of physics, chemistry, biology beginning in their freshman year.  

****Students are required to complete three consecutive years or through level three of a world language beginning in their freshman year (two consecutive years must be completed at Ursuline); freshmen entering at level three will also need to take level four.

Honors and AP Courses