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Naviance is a software program used by Ursuline Academy to aid students and parents in the following ways:

  • Managing the college application process
  • College search and in the career-planning process
  • Provides historical UA college application decision data
  • Scholarship and college visit information

Parents and students have separate Naviance accounts. If you misplace or forget your password, contact College Counseling for that information.

Naviance Tools

Once students or parents log on, there is a welcome page and several tabs for the students to explore:


  • College Search
    Helps the student narrow down colleges by criteria such as size, location, type of school, religious affiliation, etc. Once the student completes the survey, a list of schools matching that criteria will be given. This search can be repeated using different criteria.
  • College Lookup
    Students can look up specific colleges and can view information about admissions, financial aid, and majors offered.
  • College Maps
    Shows colleges that have accepted Ursuline students, which schools these students are attending, and the colleges where Ursuline students applied most frequently.
  • Scattergrams
    Gives information regarding the average GPA and test scores for particular colleges based on previous Ursuline applicants and allows the student to see where she falls in the spectrum.


  • Explore Careers and Interests
    • Explore Careers and Clusters: Students can use this tool to help them discover types of work activities and careers that match their interests.
    • Career Interest Profiler: This is a tool that can help students discover the types of work activities and careers that match their interests. The interest profiler has 180 questions about potential work activities.

About Me

  • Interesting Things about Me
    Resume: Helps students create a record of all high school activities, awards, honors, service, work, and other extracurricular opportunities.
  • Official Things
    • Profile: Contains demographic information about the student and parent. A student can edit her email address in this section. A student can also add or edit parent information. The student’s GPA is also listed on this page.
    • Manage My Account: Allows a student to update her user name and password.
    • Test Scores: Results of the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP testing will be listed here.
    • Naviance Mobile Student App: Allows a student to download this app to her smart phone.