College Counseling

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Our College Counselors are with your daughter every step of her college decision journey. They provide accurate and relevant resources regarding college admissions. A student works with her College Counselor all four years at Ursuline to help ensure that she finds her perfect collegiate match.

Because Ursuline is a college preparatory school, 100 percent of its students are enrolled in a rigorous curriculum, one which exceeds the expectation of most colleges and universities.

All Ursuline students graduate and are accepted into four-year colleges and universities.

College Counselors work with admissions officers at colleges and universities to reinforce Ursuline’s reputation for strong academics and well-rounded graduates. The Class of 2018 was awarded a total of more than $26 million in merit-based scholarships. Approximately 78 percent of the 214 graduates also graduated with honors.


Alicia Estes

College Counseling Department Chair

Jamie Byrum

College Counselor

Laura Harrington

College Counselor

Vandana Blankenship

College Counseling Coordinator

Sarah Dornak

College Counselor

Mission Statement

The mission of the College Counseling Department of Ursuline Academy is to provide support for each student in achieving a successful match for her post-secondary education. The College Counselors are committed to working continuously with colleges and universities across the country to stay current on admissions trends and criteria.