Ursuline Foundation

The Ursuline Academy of Dallas Foundation, Inc., was incorporated in October 1998 as a separate 501(c)(3) organization responsible for overseeing Ursuline’s endowment. Its mission is to ensure a financially strong future for Ursuline Academy of Dallas through effective asset management.

Asset Management

The investment objectives for management of endowed funds are to produce current income to support the programs of Ursuline Academy and to achieve growth of both the principal value and income over time.

The target rate of return on investment will be influenced by endowment distribution policy and an acceptable level of risk. Currently, the Foundation has adopted an investment strategy to target a real rate of return (in excess of inflation) of five percent (5%) over an investment time horizon of at least 10 years. Due to market volatility, results may vary.

The Foundation utilizes a professional asset management firm to help guide investment decisions.

Distribution Policy

The Ursuline Academy of Dallas Foundation, Inc., Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring that the distribution of endowment earnings is allocated in accordance with the restriction of each endowment fund. Annual distributions from endowment funds are calculated based on the lesser of 3-5% of a three-year rolling average of the funded corpus or the total amount of undistributed earnings available.

John P. Flavin Endowed Scholarship Society

The John P. Flavin Endowed Scholarship Society has been established to honor all donors who have given named endowed scholarships to Ursuline. Mr. Flavin, a strong believer in Catholic education and a major donor to Ursuline, notified the Academy of his bequest to ensure his annual scholarship awards can continue in perpetuity

St. Angela Endowed Faculty Society

The St. Angela Endowed Faculty Society recognizes named endowed gift donors to the Ursuline Faculty Endowment. Gifts to the Ursuline Faculty Endowment provide long-term support for recruitment and retention of excellent faculty, competitive faculty compensation, research activities, visiting scholars, and professional development.

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Foundation Board of Trustees 2023-2024

Cecilia Colbert, Chair
Ginger Cirone, O.S.U. '58
Chris Dupre
Caroline Tate Gagliardi '96
Ed Gough
Erin McCarthy Halprin
Lauren Johnson Housh '96
Ted Hovivian
Morgan Kennedy
Gerald Louviere
Cecilia Ackels Martin '84
Sarah Frazee Mills '09
John Murray
Frank Parigi
Melissa Terry Pridmore '97
Gretchen Seay
Jennifer Stojak
Kathleen Barger Thorson '88


Ex-Officio Members

Gretchen Z. Kane, President
Andrea Shurley, Principal
Mimi Bishop Bason, Chief Development Officer