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Founded in 1874, Ursuline Academy of Dallas is an independent Catholic college preparatory school for young women sponsored by the Ursuline Sisters. Ursuline seeks a qualified and experienced Athletic Director to lead the School’s athletics program beginning in July 2021. The Athletic Director is a member of Ursuline Academy’s School Administration Team and is responsible for the administration and supervision of the interscholastic athletic program in accordance with the school’s Mission and for providing the leadership necessary for the day-to-day operation of the department. The Athletic Director supervises the Athletic Trainer, three Associate Athletic Directors, and all coaches.

Ursuline has over 850 students, and more than 400 students participate in one or more of 11 varsity sports.

General Authority

The Athletic Director reports to the Principal who, in turn, reports to the President of the Academy.

Key Accountabilities

Fostering of a community spirit consistent with the Ursuline Mission and Core Values among coaches, athletes, and parents, assuring respect for the uniqueness of the individual athlete and development of the whole person. The Athletic Director:

  • Encourages good sportsmanship and positive coaching practices.
  • Establishes good relationships with student athletes, parents, faculty members, administrators, and coaches.
  • Ensures that Ursuline Athletics is inclusive and responsive to the needs of all student athletes.
  • Develops long and short-range plans for the Ursuline athletic program.

Proactive communication of information, both internally and externally, as an advocate of the Ursuline athletic program. The Athletic Director:

  • Responds, in a timely manner, to issues involving coaches, officials, part-time workers, student athletes, parents, etc.
  • Ensures communication through coaches and via the athletic department of practice schedules, upcoming games, transportation plans, and results of competitions.
  • Works with the Facilities Manager to maintain gym facilities and fields.

Successful recruitment, hiring, and retention of qualified coaches appropriate for all Academy interscholastic sports teams. The Athletic Director:

  • Provides effective leadership to the coaching staff.
  • Supervises, evaluates, mentors, and provides professional development for all coaches.
  • Establishes a formal system for hiring coaches.
  • Ensures that all coaches have up-to-date job descriptions.

Effective and timely collaboration with the coaching staff and school administration. The Athletic Director:

  • Advocates for the interests of the students and the coaches.
  • Provides direction and counsel as needed.
  • Recommends sufficient budgets to assure competitive programs and successful student development.
  • Manages and makes wise allocations of funds as an efficient manager of resources.

Effective collaboration with the Principal, Dean of Academics, and Dean of Students in promoting successful participation in athletic programs. The Athletic Director:

  • Ensures athletic eligibility requirements of all student athletes are met.
  • Works with fellow administrators to ensure that the expectations for athletes and coaches reflect the Ursuline Academy of Dallas mission and spirit.

Proper representation of the Academy to the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) and assurance that the Academy follows the standards set forth by TAPPS. The Athletic Director:

  • Recruits student athletes and coaches in accordance with all rules and guidelines set out by athletic associations and organizations.
  • Develops and/or approves all interscholastic schedules for the athletic teams.
  • Meets with parents, coaches, players, and counselors to ensure compliance with NCAA rules and requirements.

Development and effective management of summer camp programs that invite current and future Ursuline students to participate in the Academy interscholastic athletic program.

Responsibilities & Activities

Coach Recruitment & Development

  • Hire coaches for all interscholastic sports teams.
  • Supervise, evaluate, mentor, and provide professional development for all coaches.
  • Perform annual evaluation of all head coaches.
  • Publish a revised Athletic Handbook on an annual basis, or as often as necessary.

Lead Athletic Department

  • Provide leadership opportunities for the Associate Athletic Directors
  • Collaborate with Associate Athletic Directors to determine individual duties
  • Meet routinely with Associate Athletic Directors as a group and individually to ensure operational responsibilities are being met.
  • Evaluate and provide feedback to Associates Athletic Directors to foster growth.


  • Manage accurate reporting processes to assure timely communication of team competitions/results and sports news to Ursuline students, communications department, and faculty, and staff, including next-day postings by coaches to Ursuline website.
  • Ensure that coaches contact local newspapers regarding scores as appropriate.
  • Works with Communications Director and Principal to promote athletic events.

Athletic Schedules & Facilities

  • Attends all home events when possible and/or arranges for proper supervision from within the Athletic department.
  • Schedule and supervise athletic events, both home and off-campus.
  • Coordinate practice times and secure the use of off-campus facilities when necessary.
  • Secure and arrange payment for officials, security personnel, and trainers for home events.
  • Coordinate all transportation and housing for off-campus events.
  • Oversee appropriate use of gym for various clubs, dance teams, athletic teams, etc.

Budget & Records

  • Submit recommendations for annual budget and allocate resources from approved budgets for athletic programs.
  • Observe financial procedures of the Ursuline business office.
  • Oversee the collection of gate receipts.
  • Purchase new equipment and uniforms.
  • Oversee the distribution and collection of equipment and uniforms in a timely fashion.
  • Maintain accurate records on team and individual statistics.
  • Compile all athletic forms, contracts, and the collection of uniform deposit fees.
  • Ensure that all paperwork required for student athlete participation in sports are distributed, collected, and turned in to the proper agencies.

Athletic Associations

  • Represent the Academy to TAPPS and be responsible for completing and submitting all correspondence, forms, and fees.
  • Attend necessary state and district meetings.
  • Distribute all necessary TAPPS information to coaches.


  • Coach a Varsity Sport
  • Ensure enforcement of Academy standards for eligibility as well as standards set forth by TAPPS.
  • Coordinate recognition of athletes and related events (e.g., athletic banquet).
  • Serve as Director of Summer Athletic Camps, developing programs and marketing materials, and hiring appropriate coaches.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Strong advocacy for female student athletes
  • Extensive knowledge of overall operation of an athletic program
  • Organized and self-motivated
  • Leadership qualities to allow effective and collaborative work with the school administrative team
  • Strong management ability; excellent interpersonal skills
  • Previous experience as a coach
  • Comfort with relevant and appropriate technology skills
  • Bachelor’s Degree

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