Job Description

Assistant Librarian

Ursuline Academy of Dallas seeks an Assistant Librarian for the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year. Founded in 1874, Ursuline Academy of Dallas is an independent Catholic, college preparatory school for young women sponsored by the Ursuline Sisters. The mission of Ursuline Academy is the total development of the individual student through spiritual formation, intellectual growth, service to others, and building of community.

Education: Either 1.) certification in School Librarianship or MLS with a focus in School Librarianship; teaching experience is preferred; or 2.) teaching experience and progress toward certification in School Librarianship or MLS.  Assistant Librarian is an entry-level position with commensurate compensation.

The Ursuline Academy Assistant Librarian is engaged in many different tasks during the school day.  Below are listed the main responsibilities of the individual in this position followed by tasks which are taken on by either the Head Librarian or Assistant Librarian depending on the availability of each.  All tasks are undertaken under the supervision and guidance of the Head Librarian.

Main Responsibilities:

1.       Support the Mission of Ursuline Academy of Dallas and the goals of the Beatrice M. Haggerty Library. Tasks include:

       a.   Interact with students and faculty in a welcoming, helpful, and empathetic manner.

       b.   Serve as a student advisor.

       c.   Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth.

       d.  Participate in collection development activities to maintain a balanced collection of materials which supports the curriculum as well as the reading interests of library patrons.

2.      Engage with students and faculty as an instructor in information literacy and research skills. Tasks include:

       a.  Provide instruction in the following areas: identification and access of resources; source evaluation; generating citations; understanding and identifying bias in resources; utilizing library subscription services; assist with readers advisory.

       b. Collaborate with teachers to provide instruction to support assigned research across the curriculum.

       c. Provide individualized support and instruction to students requiring assistance with research.

       d. Conduct in-service with faculty showcasing library resources and providing instruction in their use.

3.      Maintain the periodicals collection.  Tasks include:

        a. Periodical check in.

        b. Submitting appropriations forms to the periodical’s vendor EBSCO for missing issues.

        c. Placing periodicals in circulation and archiving back issues.

4.      Opportunity to staff the library during summer school session.  Tasks include:

        a. Work with summer-school teachers to provide access for classes to the library.

        b. Circulation of materials to students.

        c. Maintain a calm atmosphere for students.

        d. Perform year-end activities. 

5.    Coordinate the library volunteer program.  Tasks include:

        a. Communicating with volunteers.

        b. Ensuring volunteers complete safe environment training and submit forms for background checks.

        c.  Maintaining a volunteer calendar and list of tasks for the volunteers.

        d.  Training volunteers as necessary.

Other tasks may include the following:

 1. Circulation of library materials.

 2. Assisting students in location of materials.

 3. Helping to maintain a quiet library atmosphere.

 4. Assisting with library promotions.

 5. Processing new materials.

 6. Helping to maintain the library and library classroom calendars.

 7.  Shelving materials.

 8.  Assisting with year-end library inventory.

 9. Keeping bulletin boards up to date.

10. Staging displays.

11. Co-moderate the Library Advisory Board with the Head Librarian.

12. Undertake special projects under the supervision of the Librarian.

Computer proficiency is required. While it is not essential to demonstrate mastery of any one program or software, familiarity with a variety of programs and adaptability in learning unfamiliar software is important.

Hours: 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.  This is a 10-month position. The position includes benefits.

Contact: Interested applicants should download the Employment Application and Background Check forms, and then email the completed forms along with a resume, letters of reference, cover letter, statement of educational philosophy, and transcripts of undergraduate or graduate work to