A community rich with tradition
Empowering compassionate leaders
Leadership in technology
Developing the whole person
Teaching with passion and creativity
Growing as a person of faith
Serving and learning from others

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Excellence in Teaching

Excellence in Teaching

All good stories, including yours, need inspirational characters.

Ursuline educators truly care about you and your learning.

They value teaching as a vocation and a ministry. As role models and mentors, they are dedicated to your success. And they are there to assist you every step of your way.

“I love teaching both Arabic and Math. Arabic, to share my identity and culture and to prepare my students for a global society, and Math, for its beauty and connection to the real world.”

Hadil Issa

“I just want to be the best teacher I can be every single day for my students.”

Matt Lepley

"The greatest impact of being a teacher at Ursuline is the opportunity to walk with my students as they discover the person that God meant them to be."

Andrea Pujol

"I love being able to support all of the wonderful things that our students do.”

Kirsten Lindsay-Hudak
Educating Global Leaders

Educating Global Leaders

Our educational philosophy reflects today’s society – global, real-time, interactive, and transparent.


sister schools
on 6 continents


sister school visits to Ursuline every year

The Ursuline students of today are the global leaders of tomorrow.

Following the call of the Ursuline Sisters, you’ll engage ethically, critically and empathetically with the world at large.

Lessons on cultures, religions, languages, literature, economics, politics, geography, the environment, and humanitarianism reach far beyond the classroom.

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Mind, Body, Spirit

Mind Body Spirit

An Ursuline education is balanced between academics, the arts, athletics, and spiritual growth.

2 Dozen

live performances each year


Explore Your Inner Artist

You’ll have the opportunity to study art, music, dance, theater, and speech.


students participate in a varsity sport


It's Not Just a Game

Athletics help develop your mind, body, and spirit — teaching you good sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership.

4 years

of coursework in Theology

Spiritual Growth

Be a Person of Faith

Come with your own special gifts and talents. Your spiritual life will be nurtured and developed.

The Ursuline Experience

The Ursuline Experience

Discover your own unique gifts and the spirit of Serviam, as you serve and learn from others.

With 150 years of heritage come many traditions.

From your first day of classes, you’ll feel part of a community rich with tradition. You’ll also get a chance to put your stamp on that tradition. From Intramurals to service trips, you’ll make friendships that will last far beyond your high school years.

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