Donor Voices

Mary De Loache Terry '73 and Mike Terry
"Ursuline Academy has long been part of our family, with three generations of women attending. My grandmother was the first to attend; then my sister, Louise De Loache Actkinson '69 and I had the privilege; and then my daughter, Melissa Terry Pridmore '97."
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Elizabeth Doczi Brush '04
"My four years at Ursuline were so important to my own development... I want today's students to have the same experience that I had."
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Joi and Bob Stowe
"What made the greatest impression on us, besides the transformation of the girls into young women, was the dedication, commitment and professionalism of the faculty."
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Pat Brown O'Brien '52
"The Ursuline Sisters found me... and did their best to give me confidence, encouragement and opportunities. It was completely transformative!"
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Angela Downes '86

"The Ursuline sisterhood is an almost unbreakable bond! As alumnae, we all walked away with an enriching experience that prepared us so well for life. I wanted to help sustain the wonderful environment that is Ursuline for future students."

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