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Introduction to Student Life

The essence of the Ursuline mission is the total development of the individual student through experiences that enrich mind, body and spirit. The goal is a balance of academics and values, spiritual formation and physical pursuits, personal fulfillment and fun!

Spiritual formation is at the heart of the Ursuline experience. During your four years here, you will learn more about your own faith and how you are called to live your life. The school motto of Serviam: I will Serve will come to mean so much more than spending hours volunteering. It's a spirit and an attitude that will guide the rest of your life.

Ursuline offers a wide variety of student organizations and clubs. There's an activity for just about every interest, and lots of opportunities to make new friends and practice leadership skills. Join a sports team or the cast of a play or musical. Stretch yourself - you may be surprised what you can do.
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Kayla Brown
Dean of Students
(469) 232-1805

Tanya Hamilton
Personal Counseling Department Chair