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In Review: Unique Educational Field Trips

Field trips can help students learn in creative ways, and many Ursuline departments took advantage of their benefits this school year.

Students visited Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Temple Emmanuel, and the Islamic Center of Irving during an Ecumenical field trip, and math students visited the Museum of Geometric and MADI in Dallas.

“The field trip worked out well,” Theology Teacher Jason Surmiller said. “The students had a real opportunity to see the practices and thoughts of the Jewish and Islamic faiths.”

Geometry Honors, Algebra 1/Geometry Year 1 Honors, Algebra 1/Geometry Year 2, and Algebra 1/Geometry Year 2 Honors created their own MADI project using geometric transformations, including translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations. They created the artwork on Geometer SketchPad. 
“The field trip allows the students to be creative and easily see the connections between mathematics and art,” Math Teacher Katie Hayes said.    

Other field trips included:

U.S. History visited the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Students posed for pictures in a replica Oval Office and saw President Bush’s paintings, Portraits of Courage, which recognize Wounded Warriors in portraits. Students were particularly moved by the Sept. 11 exhibit and also “solved” presidential problems in the Decision Points Theater.

AP European History visited Harlan Crow's personal collection of rare books and paintings at the Crow Library in Dallas. The tour highlighted the Colonial Era through the Cold War.

Engineering Design Innovation
saw the movie Hidden Figures, which explained how women made a dramatic impact on the NASA space program, a field traditionally dominated by male engineers. Students saw how the world truly needs female engineers.

Geology, Meteorology, and Oceanography collected fossils at the Mineral Wells Fossil Park. The fossils were 300 million years old. The senior-level class also visited the Perot Museum.
Photo II viewed the David Gibson exhibit at the Valley House Gallery. The exhibit included large photographic, landscape prints. Students also shot photographs in the Valley House Sculpture Garden.

Mandarin I and II learned how jade reflects multiple aspects of Chinese culture, beliefs, and aesthetic tastes at the Asian Art Museum. Mandarin II Honors and Mandarin III visited a Chinese grocery store and ordered food in Mandarin at J.S. Chen’s Dimsum & BBQ Chinese restaurant.

Arabic Classes went to the University of Texas in Austin. The university has an Arabic Flagship Program, which provides training in Arabic language and Arab cultures at the undergraduate level. 

Pre-AP French, AP French, and Level 3 French have visited French art exhibitions at the Kimbell Art Museum the last four years. Ursuline had a docent conduct the tour in French on two visits. 

College Counseling had its first Sophomore College Visit Day. The sophomore class visited Southern Methodist University and University of Dallas.

The trip acclimated students to different types of universities. Representatives from Oklahoma University, Rhodes College, and University of Pittsburgh also told students how they evaluate applications and how to prepare for college in a special seminar.