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Freshman/Sophomore Academic Awards 2016-17

Congratulations to the Ursuline students recognized for outstanding academic performance in the 2016-17 school year!

The awards for Freshmen and Sophomores were presented on Wednesday, May 10.

Advanced Placement Computer Science AEsther Albuquerque
Advanced Placement Computer Science ASophia Love
Algebra I/Geometry Year 1Abbi Sakawat
Algebra I/Geometry Year 1Clare Bacak
Algebra I/Geometry Year 1Emily Ray
Algebra I/Geometry Year 1Grace Risinger
Algebra I/Geometry Year 1 HonorsClaire Ginther
Algebra I/Geometry Year 1 HonorsIsabella Bittner
Algebra I/Geometry Year 1 HonorsMaddie Mompho
Algebra I/Geometry Year 2Britton Morrell
Algebra I/Geometry Year 2Channing Lilley
Algebra I/Geometry Year 2Christina Guerra
Algebra I/Geometry Year 2Margot Desaloms
Algebra I/Geometry Year 2 HonorsKendrick Hawkins
Algebra I/Geometry Year 2 HonorsLily Houdek
Algebra II/Trigonometry HonorsKelly Mansour
Algebra II/Trigonometry HonorsSophia Love
Alumnae ScholarshipAbigail Mihalic
Alumnae ScholarshipChiamaka Osuagwu
Alumnae ScholarshipJillian Brown
Alumnae ScholarshipKate Whisler
Alumnae ScholarshipMorgan Andrulis
American Mathematics CompetitionCecilia O'Brien
American Mathematics CompetitionLauren Montigue
American Mathematics Competition School WinnerEsther Albuquerque
Arabic IMichelle Antoon
BandBailey Uttich
Ceramics IAlyson Cruz
Ceramics IJan Rotich
Ceramics IIValentina Ponce
Chemistry ICecilia Chavez
Chemistry ILaurel Wood
Chemistry ITamara Baumann
Chemistry IPorter Pechauer
Chemistry I HonorsRachel Pierce
Chemistry I HonorsSophia Love
Color GuardMariah Gamez
Concert ChoirVi-Anh Hoang
Costume DesignIsabella Hernandez
DanceKristen Wicker
Digital Graphics and AnimationKelly Mansour
Digital Graphics and AnimationVi-Anh Hoang
English IAinsley Koch
English IAlex Gonzalez
English IAva Mollabashy
English IElizabeth Nguyen
English IJenna Abbasi
English IJustine Walker
English IMarissa Ovenshire
English I HonorsAbigail Mihalic
English IIArden Howard
English IIBritton Morrell
English IIKatie Kerber
English IILaura Wildman
English IILily Houdek
English IIMary Beth Kemp
English II HonorsGrace Finegan
English II HonorsSophie Polma
French IAinsley Koch
French ICecilia O'Brien
French IIPriscilla Sulli
French II HonorsMaggie Savage
French IIIMarie Kfoury
Freshman ChoirMarissa Ovenshire
Fundamentals of ActingKiera Mullany
Geometry HonorsMegan Wampner
Geometry HonorsSarah Visokay
Historical GeographyAbby Brantman
Historical GeographyAshlyn Gage
Historical GeographyMadeline Claybrook
Historical GeographyMegan Wampner
Historical GeographySilvia Vazquez
Historical GeographyTia Taylor
History Through FilmPallavi Kumar
Introduction to Computer ScienceAbigail Kilpatrick
Introduction to Computer ScienceBliss Hudson
Introduction to Computer ScienceCayli Lucia
Introduction to Computer ScienceChristina Thomas
Introduction to Computer ScienceMelody Ortega
Introduction to Computer SciencePeyton Robertson
Introduction to Java ProgrammingElena Graham
Introduction to Java ProgrammingElisabeth Matthews
Introduction to Speech CommunicationChiamaka Osuagwu
Introduction to Speech CommunicationDaniela Zevallos
Introduction to Speech CommunicationJan Rotich
Introduction to TheatreMadeleine Crew
Jazz ChoirCayli Lucia
Jazz ChoirCayli Lucia
Jesus, Salvation, and ChurchArden Howard
Jesus, Salvation, and ChurchArianna Ramirez
Jesus, Salvation, and ChurchMary Chen
Jesus, Salvation, and ChurchMeghan Deasy
Jesus, Salvation, and ChurchSophia Love
Journalism IAbigail Mihalic
Lighting and Sound DesignMary Drummond
Mandarin Chinese IKalin Fleming
Mandarin Chinese IIAbigail Kilpatrick
Mandarin Chinese II HonorsLauren Arnott
Mandarin Chinese III HonorsKaitlynn Soo
Mobile Application Design and DevelopmentKelsey d'Etienne
Mobile Application Design and DevelopmentRachel Voirin
Mobile Applications Design and DevelopmentAvery Engleman
Musical TheatreAshton Arlen
Newspaper JournalismJamie Lin
OrchestraCecilia O'Brien
Physics IAshlyn Gage
Physics IClare Bacak
Physics ICourtney Kang
Physics IErin Daugherty
Physics IJustine Walker
Physics IMaddie Mompho
Physics I HonorsMegan Wampner
Physics I HonorsSarah Visokay
Pre-Advanced Placement in FrenchAlaina DeVries
Pre-Advanced Placement SpanishLily Houdek
Revelation in ScriptureJoann Nguyen
Revelation in ScriptureNicole Jones
Revelation in ScriptureNicolette Altadonna
Revelation in ScriptureRia Shaji
Revelation in ScriptureSofia Marichal
Revelation in ScriptureZoe Garcia
Revelation in ScriptureZoe Garcia
School Top 3 Scorer & Team MemberCecilia O'Brien
School Top 3 Scorer & Team MemberLauren Montigue
Set DesignKerry Gleim
Spanish ITaylor Louviere
Spanish IZoe Garcia
Spanish I HonorsAbigail Mihalic
Spanish IIAbby Brantman
Spanish IILauren Stark
Spanish II HonorsElena Graham
Spanish II HonorsSophia Love
Spanish IIIKatie Kerber
Stage Make-Up and DesignChloe Almond
Studio Art IJillian Brown
Studio Art IKayla Hanrahan
Studio Art IIIChrista Gorman
Studio Art IVElenor Post
Webpage Design and DevelopmentGrace Taylor
Webpage Design and DevelopmentMary Grace Yaeger
WellnessClare Bacak
WellnessJenna Abbasi
WellnessNicole Jones
WellnessSydney Hays
World HistoryAlex Long
World HistoryAnna Miller
World HistoryHailey Baek
World HistoryHaley Rickman
World HistorySophia Love
World History HonorsChristina Guerra
World History HonorsLaurel Wood
Yearbook JournalismPriscilla Sulli