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Ursuline, One Love Continue Partnership

Ursuline continues to advocate the One Love message.

The One Love Foundation is dedicated to ending relationship abuse by educating and empowering young people. The Foundation, founded in 2010, started in colleges, but its important message is now reaching high school students.

“It’s a real-world application that wasn’t being addressed before,” Dean of Students Kayla Brown said. “It’s important for our seniors to understand the red flags of any unhealthy relationship, including a boyfriend or friend. It also teaches our students to help friends who are in abusive relationships.”  

Zoë Skinner, One Love’s Regional Coordinator for Dallas, has worked with Ursuline seniors for two years. She’s taught the curriculum and helped recent Ursuline graduates develop Team One Love movements on their college campuses.

The foundation’s 90-minute workshop is a catalyst for this movement. It includes a 40-minute film followed by a 40-minute guided discussion geared toward helping students understand the warning signs of abuse, while also promoting healthy relationships.

Because Ursuline students guide the discussion, Brown said the experience can be more impactful for each senior. Ursuline has 20 student facilitators who lead the 40-minute guided discussion. Each discussion group has two facilitators, who are juniors or seniors.

“Each facilitator goes through training to anticipate the different things that might come up in the discussion,” Brown said. “One Love continues to do their research and is very good at what they do.”

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