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Junior Ring Student Reflections

The Class of 2018 received their class rings at the Junior Ring Ceremony on Wednesday, April 5.

The event is one of Ursuline’s unique traditions, and students celebrated with friends and family.

Juniors Lizzie Cartwright, Gaby Preston, and Anna Rehagen reflected on their time at Ursuline during the ceremony. Lizzie talked about leadership, Gaby addressed how her spiritual life has been nurtured at Ursuline, and Anna discussed friendship.

Here’s what they said:

Lizzie Cartwright

How have I emerged as a leader at Ursuline Academy? I have gained confidence in myself. I have learned how to balance all my facets of life, even if it is still a learning experience. Thankfully, my teachers and friends give me wonderful guidance, and it reminds me I am building my future here.

As an Ursuline student, I am held to a certain standard, and this includes being a leader in not just small circles, but globally. I have a duty to try to make the world the best it can be with what I’ve been given, and to show I am grateful for everything given to me in a way that is useful to others.

Serviam is a wonderful example because it allows me to help others for the sake of serving, not for personal gain. It nurtures confidence in my abilities by allowing me to showcase my talents in small doses to those who need it most, which lets me see the impact I am able to make.

Gaby Preston

Being able to attend a Catholic school is invaluable, and the experiences offered, like daily mass, retreats, adoration, and prayer services, have helped me stay strong in my faith and pursue a deeper personal relationship with God.

The most influential thing Ursuline has offered me is the chance to be a Peer Minister. Being a Peer Minister requires not only faith, but service, and this unique form of service is one of the things I have grown the most from.

My service during mass, including set up and clean up, have allowed me to be a servant of God in a way that traditional Serviam projects have not provided me.

In performing these works of service, I have fallen more in love with mass and my faith. In this way, my work as a Peer Minister has fostered a noticeable change in my faith.

Anna Rehagen

My friendships at Ursuline Academy have impacted me and shaped me into the woman I am today.

Coming from a large middle school, I was unaware of how many people I would meet and how effortlessly they would become my closest friends. They are not just my classmates; they are not just my friends; they are my sisters. They have laughed with me, cried with me, and been there when I needed a hug or a reassuring word. We have lived life together, grown together, and become the unique, genuine, extraordinary young women we are now.

My mom, an Ursuline graduate, told me how glad she was that I have formed friendships similar to her own friendships at the Academy: friendships that encourage me to become the best version of myself. They are the reason the past three years at Ursuline have been the best in my life, and they are the ones who will continue to walk with me for the rest of my life.

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