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Mothers' Club

Welcome to the Mothers’ Club!
Welcome to the Mothers’ Club web page! We are glad you stopped by.

Dating back to 1932, our organization has a wonderful history of assisting both the President and Principal with many of the schools social and cultural activities. Every mother of an Ursuline student is a member of the Mothers’ Club.

From making mums in the fall to providing hospitality at senior graduation, there are many Ursuline events for which the Mothers’ Club provides invaluable support. We also provide welcoming receptions for important Ursuline traditions such as Freshman Convocation, Sophomore Serviam and Junior Ring Ceremony.

The highlight of each year is the annual Mother/Daughter Fashion Show in the spring. Senior moms and their senior daughters have a blast showcasing local fashions on the runway. The fashion show, attended by all grade levels of Ursuline girls and their moms, features a delicious luncheon and a professionally produced fashion show.

If you like to plan ahead, check out our calendar of events for the school year and consider joining us at our general meetings to learn more about Ursuline. Also, consider lending a helping hand by joining a committee. There’s something for every mom to participate in and best of all, it’s fun!

We encourage you to explore our volunteer opportunities in detail. Getting involved will provide you a chance to learn more about Ursuline Academy and have you meeting new friends in no time. We can’t wait for you to join us!
Mothers’ Club Announcements
What to Expect from your Mentor Mom
Happy Mother's Day, and welcome to the Ursuline family!

As a new family to Ursuline, you have many questions, and Mentor Moms have your answers. Mentor Moms is an organization of volunteer, upperclassmen Ursuline moms whose goal is to help new families as they embark on their Ursuline adventure.

Your Mentor Mom will be a constant source of information for you and your family throughout the school year. Mentor Mom groups are formed into like-geographic areas, and moms are assigned to groups with common backgrounds. They live in your general area and may have come from your daughter’s grade school. Transfer families are in another group and will be mentored by moms and daughters with transfer experience.

Your Mentor Mom will contact you by Tuesday, May 31 to introduce herself and welcome you to Ursuline. During the month of June, your Mentor Moms (they work in teams) and their daughters host a casual get-together for you and your daughter. You have the opportunity to meet other new families, get acquainted with Ursuline traditions, and learn about what to expect the first year.

Questions answered include:
“How will my daughter adjust to moving from a class of 38 to a class of 200?”
“How can I find a carpool?”
“When and where do I buy school books?”
“When do our girls get their laptops?”
“What types of volunteer opportunities are available?”

We encourage you and your daughter to attend your MM get-together because our moms have valuable information to share which will help you during your first year at Ursuline.

If you are unable to attend the gathering hosted by your MMs, please ask about other possible gatherings you might attend. Our hope is that each new family is able to attend a June party.

If you have not heard from your Mentor Mom by June 1, please contact one of us. We want every new family to meet their fabulous Mentor Moms and join in the fun with other new families.

This is such an exciting time! We look forward to helping you in any way we can!

2016-2017 Mentor Mom Co-Chairs

Suzanne Bacile
(214) 394-9557

Carrie Fisketjon
(972) 955-9836

Mother/Daughter Fashion Show Raffle Packages
The Ursuline Academy Mothers' Club invites you to the 2016 Mother/Daughter Fashion Show on Sunday, April 3. This year’s theme is Chic in St. Tropez.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your daughter to share a delightful morning together. The event also features special raffle packages. Raffle tickets are $10 per ticket or three tickets for $25. Purchase raffle tickets online.

Raffle No. 1
Au Revoir! Bonne Chance à L’ Université! (Goodbye! Good Luck at College!)
Value: $1,235
Learn more.

Raffle No. 2
Une Belle et Chic Femme! (A Beautiful & Chic Woman!)
Value: $1,280
Learn more.

Raffle No. 3
Pre’parez-Vous Pour le Soleil! (Get Ready for the Sun!)
Value: $1,308
Learn more.

In Case You Missed It: Mothers’ Club Greek Connection Meeting
Families learned about sorority recruitment in college at the recent Mothers' Club Greek Connection Night.

Here are some helpful documents that were shared at the meeting:


Moms’ Prayer Group Meets on Thursdays
Moms in Prayer (MIP) is an interdenominational, Christ-centered prayer group that meets weekly to pray for our children and the school community. The group meets in St. Ursula Hall on Thursdays from 8:45 – 9:45 a.m.

Rearing teenagers presents many concerns that often lead to anxiety. As mothers, we cannot always be with them, but we find great comfort in the power of prayer. MIP addresses issues such as protection, relationships, academic success, and spirituality. Mothers are welcome to pray aloud or in the silence of their hearts. For further information, please contact Jenny Chen.
Mothers' Club Contacts
2015-16 Mothers' Club President
Mothers' Club Events
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