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Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement

Founded in 1874, Ursuline Academy of Dallas is an independent Catholic college preparatory school for young women sponsored by the Ursuline Sisters.

The mission of Ursuline Academy is the total development of the individual student through spiritual formation, intellectual growth, service to others, and building of community.

Ursuline Academy educates young women for leadership in a global society.

Ursuline Philosophy
Education at Ursuline Academy of Dallas is founded on faith in Jesus Christ. Ursuline strives to integrate Gospel values across the curriculum. Attention to the spiritual formation of the student and excellent instruction in Catholic theology enhance and strengthen each student’s sense of personal worth and self-discipline. Our college-preparatory education prepares young women to become effective, ethical decision-makers in our complex 21st century world.

Central to the philosophy of Ursuline Academy of Dallas is concern for the student as an individual and commitment to the education of the whole person. Evidence of this concern and commitment imbues every aspect of school life.

In the all-girl setting, an atmosphere of warmth, trust and encouragement promotes both academic achievement and the formation of friendships. The four year high school experience of close and caring relationships ultimately expresses itself in an enduring community among alumnae, their families and the faculty.

In accord with the school’s history of honoring tradition while forming students for the contemporary world, Ursuline Academy provides an array of learning experiences. Stimulation of intellectual curiosity, development of critical thinking skills, and fostering of creative problem-solving lead students to a life-long commitment to learning.

With a professionally competent and mission-appropriate faculty, Ursuline promotes respect for the multi-cultural world and provides a range of opportunities through which students develop global competence.

Ursuline prepares young women to live as independent, creative and unique individuals engaged in the pursuit of both knowledge and integrity. A life of service to God and society, as embodied in the Ursuline motto, Serviam, demonstrates the lasting effect of an Ursuline education.
Mission Statement
The Ursuline mission is the standard for the entire Academy educational experience, guiding all programs for students, faculty and staff, parents, alumnae, parents of alumnae and other friends of the Academy.
Core Values
  • Spiritual formation and faith development 
  • Respect for the uniqueness of the individual 
  • Development of the whole person 
  • Development of a nurturing community spirit 
  • Commitment to peacemaking 
  • Serviam (I will serve) as a lived reality 
A hallmark of an Ursuline sponsored school is academic excellence.